atlanta Psychological Associates

Atlanta Psychological Associates (APA) is a multidisciplinary behavioral health company founded in 1978.  All of APA’s staff have at least twenty years of professional experience and most have  teaching and research appointments. APA currently has two locations in the Atlanta area and provides a complete range of mental health related services.  Our clients include private and regional medical hospitals, educational programs, law enforcement agencies, private industry, attorneys, local and national governments, healthcare firms and mental health/substance abuse treatment programs.


The APA associates maintain memberships or relationships with a number of hospital staffs in the Atlanta area.  This allows for referrals to the most appropriate intensive inpatient and outpatient treatment of serious psychiatric disorders for patients of all ages.


Through many years of experience and excellent reputation, APA has developed a network of mental health and medical associations that allows for the referral to appropriate providers for all of our patients’ needs.  We also have a national network of affiliates and service providers.  All of our staff and affiliated professionals are licensed or certified by state or national credentialing organizations.



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